Wednesday, January 27, 2010

up to date on it all!

So i mentioned before that if we added Jonah Lindsey, Kendra, and Alexis butterfield then drama would really start in fitness. well everyone in tht list is in our gym except Kendra. Instead we have Abby. So on friday the 23rd I left Brady and then on monday i told someone I love them then got some shocking news...then on Tuesday My A.B.F.F.L yelled at me because he was confused like always we made up. on today wednesday Ian and I had a conversation and made agreements never to hurt ourselves for any reasons. I hope Ian n I can stop fighting for awhile because im out of energy. Gym is tough but im loven it. alot of fun. herrero will always scare me and i <3 my new T.A hernandez!! My advice for the week is to never sand paper your arm :) duhhhh! ummm I graduated from SOMETHING on tuesday but you'll never know what!!! So i decided that tonight i decided im gonna point out some people i love more then my being. and it's in this order...somewhat but i know my number one is fo sure!

#1: Ian Tyler Bryant
#2: Yaya (my gwamma)
#3: my momma
#4: my dadda
#5: Michelle Davenport
#6: Annie
#7: Janessa
#8: Chealsea
#9: Nick Johnson
#10: T'yanna newsome
#11: Dallin Zaharias
#12: Levi Paulson
#13: Damian Monroe
#14: Shaylee lear
#15: Jalyssa Lear
#16: Lisa Lear
#17: Jason Lear
#18: Bryan Lear
#19: I hate to say it but....Brady Conklin
#20: Brook Smith
#21: Kira Smith
#22: and wayyyyyy too much more people!!!


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